Frequently Asked Questions

About Omura

How do I use the device?

Step 1: Place the stick in the Heat Not Burn Device.
Step 2: Press the button for two seconds to turn on, release the button when the device vibrates. Refrain from pressing again to avoid turning off device.
Step 3: Allow the device to warm up; indicated by pulsing LEDs, which should take approximately 30 seconds. The device is ready to use when all three LEDs are lit and the device vibrates again.
Step 4: Inhale through the stick to extract the active ingredients of the flower. Take long and slow pulls to activate the airbath and keep the device cool.
Step 5: Continue to enjoy the remaining session, the LED indicate the time time remaining (duration 3.5 minutes per session). The device will switch off at the end of the session and the device will turn off. There will be a remaining 30 seconds of optimal temperature after the device has been turned off

Where can I find the Omura device?
Please visit our Store Locator page to learn more

How long is a session?
Each session lasts 3 minutes as indicated by the LEDs on the device. One stick should be used per session. Once each session ends, the stick is no longer usable.

Can I reuse a stick after a session?
Flower sticks are not reusable. Replace a new flower stick with each subsequent session.

How can I check the battery level?
To check the battery level, briefly press the button. The LEDs will light to indicate the remaining charge.

How long does the battery last?
The battery should last you approximately 6 – 8 sessions. Charge the device using the USB-C cable provided. While charging, the LED lights will indicate battery level.

How long does the battery need to charge before use?
Approximately 2 hours.

Is there a temperature setting?
Our proprietary heat curve technology creates an optimum temperature profile throughout the course of the entire Omura session.

How much flower is packed in each flower stick?
Each flower stick is packed with approximately 0.125 grams of premium whole flower.


Is age verification required?
Yes, online orders will require age verification. Customers must be 21 years or older to purchase an Omura device. Providing false information may constitute a violation of the law.

Your Order

Can I change items to an existing order?
Once orders are placed, changes cannot be made.

Can I track my order?
Once your order is shipped, you will receive tracking information via email.

Shipping & Returns

Can I return an item for a refund? How?
Yes. Omura has a 30-day free return policy. To return, please email us at with your name, order number, and reason for the return. Please note that at this time we are unable to cancel orders. 

Do you deliver to PO Box addresses?
Unfortunately, at this time we do not deliver to PO boxes.

How soon can I get my order?
Please allow 2-6 business days for all orders to be processed and delivered.

Lost or damaged parcels
Please send us a message through our contact page.

Can I change my delivery address after my order has been shipped?
Unfortunately, all shipped orders are final, and addresses cannot be changed.

Where do you deliver?
Currently, we only ship within the Continental United States.