“This is a quality machine.”

“The flavor was stellar”

“Intended to be openly left out for use and sharing without stigma”

“Breath deep, in style.”

Omura Series 1


Whether you’re looking for smoke-free consumption, or a well-rounded dry herb effect, Omura’s technology was designed to be the most discreet, controlled, and elegant experience available anywhere.

Calibrated for Purity

Omura maintains the integrity of the natural cannabinoids and terpenes without the need for fillers, chemicals, or additives. We work with some of the industry’s most distinguished growers to fill our compostable sticks ensuring you have a more holistic and compromise-free experience.

Discreet & Convenient

No grinding, packing, or cleaning required. Each stick was made to be enjoyed over a 3-minute session eliminating the risk of over-consumption while avoiding burning, charring or ashing. The result? A cleaner and safer alternative than ever before.


We consider the environmental impact in all that we do from the brands we work with to the packaging materials we use. Compatible sticks are biodegradable, designed to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

Unparalleled Technology

Our obsessively-engineered system marries exclusive next-gen technology with modern sophistication by creating a heat curve capable of releasing all of your dry herb’s cannabinoids and terpenes without burning, charring, or ashing.

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Omura Heat-Not-Burn Device


Omura Heat-Not-Burn Device

Omura Heat-Not-Burn Device


Omura Heat-Not-Burn Device

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